Set 2 Brazilian Balls Chocolate Aroma


  • Descrizione prodotto

      To enjoy to the fullest you will only have to moisten your hand with water and squeeze with your hand the brazilian ball, which together with the heat of the hand and the humidity will cause the ball to dissolve between 3 and 5 minutes. This will release a lubricating fluid that contributes to the play and the preliminaries. It is perfect as a surprise factor in your relationships. At the same time, it releases a delicious aroma that stimulates the sense of smell, creating an atmosphere of eroticism and sensuality. Ideal to discover unimaginable sensations of pleasure.

      The outer layer of the ball is water and the inner liquid is oil.

      Caution: do not support condom use being made of oil.


      • Not compatible with condoms
      • Chocolate aroma
      • Lubricating effect