Secrety Play Kissplay Board Game


  • Descrizione prodotto

      The sexologist Sergio Pérez Serrer has devised this erotic game that is divided into 3 colors to discover the pleasures of the preliminaries through kisses, caresses, bites ...
      The board is divided into three phases, green, yellow and red. Each phase has its respective tests and they go up as we progress through the game.

      The player who first passes to the next test will be the passive, and will limit himself to enjoy with the blindfold, if the test requires it, as the first to reach the goal.

      No matter what type of relationship you have, this game is perfect for you and your partner. And if you accompany it with a complement like a cold drink or a sweet, like chocolate or jam, you will turn a common night into an unforgettable night.

      It contains:

      • Board
      • 2 dice
      • 4 chips
      • 69 cards
      • Vibrator
      • Satin ribbon (bandage or tie)
      • Lubricant
      • 3 condoms, taste color and smell.
      • Hourglass XXX