Secret Play Set 8 Pieces Red


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Finally everything you wanted to prove in relation to BDSM in this set of Bondage: all synthetic leather, all black. And you will not miss anything whether you are beginners or experts. You dont believe it?

      The set Includes:

      • A whip, so you know... Be bad.
      • 2 sets of handcuffs to tie wrists and ankles or all together with the piece of union with x form... Quiet are better controlled.
      • Ball gag with holes... And is that silenced are more handsome.
      • Bondage rope of 10m... Okay, it is not leather, but it is extremely soft and manageable to practice all the ties or suspensions that happen to you.
      • Mask... It covers the eyes to enter an unknown world where the caresses, the whispers and the scents are perceived with greater intensity.
      • Padded collar with strap... Never obey or be punished you will be so satisfyin.

      Remember that BDSM, as an erotic practice, always relies on the consent of the participants... all with much affection! Dont wait more!