Phiero Xtreme


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Phiero Xtreme is a pheromone concentrate with a powerful attraction effect. It is made by 3 strong pheromones with a stronger concentration than the other products of the Phiero range.


      • Help and facilitate the conquest.
      • Stimulates masculine appeal.
      • Improves the confidence of man to relate.
      • Apply Phiero Xtreme on the skin (2 drops on the neck and wrists) and then spray perfume; or mix with cologne (20 drops per 1 ml of perfume) and spray 3 - 4 pulses on neck, ears and wrists.
      • A bottle of Phiero Xtreme 10 ml can be mixed with 100 ml of perfume or cologne.
      • The effect of pheromones lasts longer in a hydrated skin, so if you take care of it correctly, you will boost the results of Phiero Xtreme. The duration of pheromones on the skin is between 6 and 8 hours, and up to two weeks on clothes.