Loverspremium - O-Remote Control Egg Pink Leya


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Vibrating silicone egg with remote control and LED light.

      How to use:
      - Turn on/off: press and hold the button on the controller/egg to enter the 1st mode.
      - Click the button on the controller to change the modes. The 8th mode is the standby mode. The functions can be circulated.

      If you cant connect the egg with the controller, press and hold the button on the controller until the red light is on and flickering. Then press and hold the button on the egg. The red light on the controller stops flickering while the red light on the egg starts flickering, this means they are connected.

      1st mode: low vibration
      2nd mode: high vibration
      3rd mode: fast pulsation
      4th mode: slow pulsation
      5th mode: soft - hard, soft - hard > repeating
      6th mode: soft - hard, hard - soft > repeating
      7th mode: 2x pulsation - steady vibration > repeating

      • 1 motor
      • Number of intensities: 5
      • Number of pulsation modes: 2
      • Rechargeable (USB)
      • Waterproof
      • Length: 19,4 cm
      • Diameter: 3,3 cm
      • Colour: Pink