Erosart Male Sexual Enhancer


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Potenz cream is a male sexual enhancer. With this cream you will achieve harder erections and much more pleasant relationships. Apply it with a gentle massage on the penis to promote circulation and erection. Not only will you achieve a physical result, but it will also give you greater security and confidence, which will be noticed both in your daily life and in your relationships.

      Active ingredients: (Potenz cream): Daucus carota oil, Ruscus aculeatus extract, Hedera helix extract, Hieracium pilosilla extract, Glycerin, stearic acid Stearic acid, Hamamelis virginiana extract, Aesculus hipocastanum extract, Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Carbomer, Caffein, Dimethicone ( abil b 8851), Citrus aurantium oil, Tocofeherol.

      60cc Spray