Erosart Cannabis Tantric Oil 125 ml


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Tantric cannabis oil has the characteristic smell of cannabis. It is very suggestive and seeks a balance between inside and outside through the harmony that the nature of the properties of cannabis gives us.

      It is an oil of careful and exquisite preparation based on natural ingredients of enveloping fragrances and natural extracts obtained from nature created to offer and enhance new sensations in men and women.

      Tantric cannabis oil from Eros-Art is for a very special tantric body massage that will awaken new and extraordinary sensations of pleasure and well-being.

      Do not contain THC so you can use it in any quantity and according to the needs of each person, it is not toxic and is not tested on animals, so it is suitable for vegans.

      Contains: Cannabis sativa seed oil, Glycine soya oil, Parfum, Prunus Persica Kernel oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Epimedium grandiflorum extract, ptychopetalum olacoides extract,

      • Cannabis oil is a product extremely rich in essential fatty acids that give it anti-inflammatory, emollient, regenerative and nutritional properties for the skin of the body maintaining its natural balance.
      • Muira Puama, contains a high level of lupeol with great aphrodisiac power and sexual tonic. The effects of this plant is the increase of libido, sensations in the skin and sexual organs, anti-fatigue and toning properties.
      • Epidemium This plant grows in Asia, has been traditionally used to tone and regulate sexual dysfunctions. It increases the level of testosterone, and dilates blood vessels to activate circulation.