Condoms Heat Beach Box of 144 Exp. Date: 04/2022


  • Descrizione prodotto

      The heat beach Saninex condoms are made with the latest technologies and are of 1st quality. They contain a new super elastic and ultra resistant latex. With a unique design and composition. Its packaging has an excellent presentation. They are 100% electronically tested and have a good deposit. You will enjoy an extra lubrication and a pleasant aromatization. The latex is very pure and bright transparent. You will believe that you are not carrying anything.

      Saninex nº1 European in health and pleasure products and R + D

      Saninex National Health Product Code.
      Issued by the General Council of Spanish Pharmaceutical Official Schools.

      Saninex sanitary license. Issued by the Ministry of Health. Spanish Agency of medicines and health products.

      Registration number 26007 / RG Grupo Saninex.

      Recognized by the Ministry of Health, Directorate of Pharmacy and Spanish Agency of medicines and health products. Brand and Saninex products, certified by C.E.E.


      • Box of 144 units
      • 100% technologically tested
      • Extra lubrication and flavored
      • Thickness: 0.050 mm
      • Length: 190 mm
      • Width: 54 - 55 mm
      • Extra lubricant: 600 mg