Board Game Fantasy Play - ES/PT


  • Descrizione prodotto

      Erotic game that will help you discover what is the sexual fantasy of each one.

      In fantasy cards each one will write their sexual fantasy and hide it without the other one seeing it among the other cards. The board consists of 9 squares with a different theme each: sado, anal, voyeur ... The players will move through the squares of the board answering questions and making tests, thus getting credits that can be exchanged for drinks or garments. Win whoever finds the sexual fantasy of his partner before, and the prize will be to make the winners sexual fantasy come true.

      It contains:

      • 1 board; 2 chips; 2 dice
      • 15 cards of each class (9 classes)
      • 80 test and 80 question cards
      • 51 credit cards
      • 18 fantasy cards
      • 1 vibrator
      • 1 metal handcuffs
      • 1 monodose strawberry and cream
      • 1 monodose liquid vibrator
      • 1 feather
      • 1 hourglass