Bcute Classic Pearl Royal Purple


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      pThe Bcute Classic Pearl is irresistibly curvy silky to touch and absolutely perfect for any level of experience The bulbous shaft makes for pleasurable sensations while vibrating especially when pinpointing the clit nipples head of penis and any other erogenous zone that you desire Control the multi functions by with the click of a button each click increases the intensity of the vibrations pbr pMade from hygienic nonporous silicone materials the Bcute Classic Pearl is extremely body friendly and amazingly sensual on contact The unique material warms quickly to match ones body heat while offering a silky glide Its always good to use a quality water based lubricant with the Bcute Classic Pearl and clean with soap and warm water when finished playing pbr pFeatures pbr ulli100 Body Safe Materials libr li5 Powerful Functions libr liWhite Backlight libr liWaterproof li uliframe height315 srchttps wwwyoutubecom embed F8brx0qrbMsrel0 frameborder0 width560 iframe